Girls, your desired Bollywood glow is in the all new Veet Nikhaar

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Shraddha Kapoor is getting married!!! Yes, I’m sure all of us were recently hit by the news and were left wondering who the lucky guy would be? That one Instagram picture posted by the beauty sent shockwaves in the Bollywood industry and amongst her fans. Well, Kapoor has finally burst the bubble and the reason behind Shraddha’s stunning and flawless glow is Veet Nikhaar. The lady has been looking better than ever and her skin is so enviable and we have all the proof!


With summers making our skin oh-so-dry, we tend to lose our charm, that fresh glow and who can forget the major amount of tanning. This product, however, is a blessing because it is not just a regular skin hair removal cream but also helps in making your skin glow, shine brighter and that is such a happy dream for all the girls out there! Remember when Shraddha captioned her post saying that she is ‘Getting ready for the biggest haldi ceremony of the year’? Well, the pretty face didn’t lie as this product includes 100% natural turmeric extracts giving us all that beaming fresh glow. Imagine going through the whole pain of booking an appointment, waiting for your turn, and undergoing that extremely unpleasant and excruciating pain of the hot wax dripping on your skin, Veet Nikhaar is just what you were looking for. The whole process can be carried out in 3 simple steps and is highly user friendly. The cream leaves a fragrant sandalwood smell and also brightens up the skin making you look super desirable. No wonder everyone raves about Shraddha Kapoor’s skin so much and how we all know where she gets all that glow from.



So to all you stunning, beautiful and confident girls out there; it is time that you take self love to another level and pamper yourself with Veet Nikhaar.This has to be one of the best hacks that we’ve had in the longest time and given how much it helps our skin for the better, this product is definitely for keeps. We are sure that this will instantly become every girl’s go-to product given how easy, fuss-free and extremely effective it is. So be the Veet Nikhaar girl and celebrate the coming together of your inner and outer beauty!


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