Sridevi, The iconic fashionista: A homage

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The Brightest star who has joined the galaxy and SHINES even brighter in her after life is Sridevi. 
Somebody who enveloped everyone with her mesmerising presence and larger than life stature, leaving this world lesser and empty But a legacy of talent, superstardom, enigma and intrigue left as a enclyopedia for generations to absorb, cherish and celebrate forever.
Personally, I did not have the opportunity to work with her because of some untoward media exaggerated theory that was floated. But my colleague NEETA LULLA certainly did pathbreaking work creating the eternal Chandni and several other films Like Roop Ke Rani Choron Ka Raja, Chalbaaz, Khuda Gawah. Every film etched in everyone's memory forever, work so celebrated thus strengthing the costume designer and the film premise .Neeta even picked her first ever National award for costume design for LAMHE. Empowering the design and designer creating history for film fashion such is a power of a true superstar that was SRIDEVI ma'am.

SRIDEVI ma'am's personal style always on point, glamourised perfectly with many talented power heads like Sabyasachi, Rohit Bal and many many more. Are we ever going to find originals like SRIDEVI ma'am ever again? Manish Malhotra's favourite muse will always be remembered for this void, a hollow emptiness because the life that put the shine in all those garments has gone to a better place but too soon.
Reminiscing back to her earlier films that today represent indi kitsch like Tofha, Himmatwala and other south films also inspired very successful films like The Dirty Picture that had the same design philosophy. Then we had the dynamic and suave MR Feroz Khan create a sensual romantic beautiful look for Sridevi ma'am that rocks everyone's heart to date Har Kisse Ko Nahi Milta Yahaan Pyar Zindagi Me from JANBAAZ or Mr Shekhar Kapoor's Kate Nahi Katte from the Unforgettable MR INDIA. Truly magnificent.
A true request to everyone,hold on to what she gave, taught, a legacy, a treasure. Do  not lose the essense of her magnitude in the sensationalization of her passing. Celebrate her art, her existence and the knowledge. SRIDEVI is one of the strongest ICON we will know, Sivakasi (famous for its firecrackers) biggest bomb explodes in the skies creating a meteor of fire shower astounding us as we eventually notice the brightest star in the Sky That ma'am is you, Sridevi. 
Ana Singh
Ana Singh one of the pioneers of fashion. This legendary designer has worked in the film and fashion industry for nearly 3 decades and set numerous trends. She is a 3 time National Award winner and Guinness World Record holder for over 800 films, globally.

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