Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt reveal each other’s secrets on BFFs with Vogue

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Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt are the latest BFFs in town. They have always given us major friendship goals whenever they have stepped out together. From bonding on the Dream Team tour to hitting the gym together, these two have done it all. The gorgeous actresses recently appeared on BFFs with Vogue, hosted by Neha Dhupia and went on to reveal each other’s secrets. 

Neha asked Alia and Katrina about their ‘Go anywhere, do anything’ fantasy. To this Alia replied, ‘’I wanna go backpacking in New Zealand. Katrina, on the other hand, replied, ‘’ I wanna go to Mexico and have a really enlightening spiritual experience.‘’

When asked who can do more push-ups, Alia said, ‘’Katrina.’’ Neha then asked the divas if they are single. Alia and Katrina both said, ‘’Yes.’’ Alia further added, ‘’We are happy to be single. We are enjoying our lives.’’

Katrina was all praises for her ex-boyfriend and co-star Salman Khan on the show. When asked what is one bad and good advice given by Salman to her, she said, ‘’Around 60-70% things he has told me were so true and so correct. Moreover, the way he handles fear is quite good.’’

When Neha asked them to give some love advice to each other, their statements were for sure headline-worthy. To Katrina, Alia quipped, "Leave the gym and focus on men instead." On Alia's advice, Katrina quipped back, "I am waiting for Alia to get married first." 

When Neha asked Katrina about a film role of Alia she would like to steal, she replied, ‘’Dear Zindagi.’’ 

Neha then asked Katrina to name a celebrity she would never want to come with on the show. Initially, Katrina was hesitant to give an answer, but Alia suggested Kriti’s name. Katrina accepted it but addressed Kriti as Kirti. 

Moreover, in another segment of the show, the host Neha Dhupia asked Katrina and Alia to punch each other by mentioning a thing they hate about one another.

Alia initiated the game by saying: “One thing I find super annoying about Katrina is that she never sticks to plans." Katrina then retaliated, "She could possibly be a little more generous and pass some of the critics my way rather than taking it all and all the awards."

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Like their style

What is katrina trying to do in the picture ? What sort of a pout is that

Katrina looking beautiful,alia like school girl

Hehe..!! Alia overacted in this interview. And by the way Katrina only said she could not come to the show with a person whom is not her BFF. There is nothing wrong in this. ;-) Alia couldnt even spell "necessity" hilarious...!!!!

It was so boring.. they answer all the silly questions and note on chillies and lemon when asked questions that are slightly controversial! People are going to waste time to hear the silly answers?

She’s probably jealous of kriti


These two should act in the Bollywood version of mean girls.

You should take the role of their Mom.hahaha

Is this a real friendship? I mean i just dint see them turning into Besties

Katrina admits she's a bad actress what's why she wants the awards and critics her way

Oh best friends forever


At kat younger days she was hot n now alia is hot uff

Alia looking like a kid

Love them toghther

Both r awesome

Kat is so nice eyeryone like her from alia to anushka

My favs

Wow really bbfs

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